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Our focus is not on What we do but how we do

We have highly qualified Technical Consultants specialized in various disciplines with appropriate qualifications and working experience in petrochemical / petroleum plants, cross country pipelines, roads / highway & bridge construction, project consultancy, industrial plant construction, offshore, shutdown / turnaround, electrical, civil, mechanical & instrumentation major projects, concrete remediation projects and major fabrication projects.

Our Technical Consultants have several years of experience in screening, assessing and shortlisting candidates for various categories starting from Top Management, Middle Level to Skilled & Unskilled Labour from various fields like projects / construction, plant maintenance, contracting, building & industrial maintenance, onshore / offshore, industrial installations, marine, jetty / harbour, diving / underwater, health, safety, environment & loss prevention, medical & para-medical, exploration & production, hospitality & catering, PMV, pest control & public health, information & communication technology. They ensure the shortlisting of the most suitable candidates for our clients

Our Management Team


Ch Ajay Krishna Managing Director

Ch Ajay Krishna Managing Director

Post completing his B.Tech in computer science engineering, he entered into business due to his natural acumen in technical and grass root level businesses. He owns and maintains fisharies and also to make sure that he utilizes his technical acumen, he is a consultant to three Technical and HR consultancies in AP.