Services We Offer

Hiring Services

At Empleo, Our domain expertise has enabled us to provide HR Consultancy services to the patrons.

These services are provided by a well-educated team of HR personnel with the aim clients in boosting their overall organizational performance. The services provided by us aid in serving the employees in a better way, improving their productivity, communication, efficiency and morale. We provide these services to both the employers & employees at all junctures of their career & professions.

Performance Management

Empleo helps clients get the best out of their employees by implementing a robust, well-designed

performance management system. In doing so, businesses benefit through improved employee productivity, freeing up more time for managements to work towards the strategic goals of the company.

Payroll Services

At Empleo, employees are classified, documented, scheduled and compensated in a manner

that is both legally compliant and consistent with your business model

Why Choose Us

One-stop vendor for IT needs.

At Empleo Tech we thrive to be a ONE STOP shop for all our client needs when it comes to automation of their business process, building cutting edge enterprise applications, creating an user engagement strategy and accelerate time-to market. We handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure including hardware and software management, vendor relationships for your internet connectivity, website management, and maintenance renewals, and any other related technology needs. We focus on your IT so you can focus on your business.

We do more than just deliver a service.

Empleo Technologies does more than just deliver our HR training and management programs to you. We also make sure that the resources in your organization who will be implementing the programs know exactly how they work, why they work and how to help them evolve. We will make sure you’re set up for success before our work is done!

We’re flexible, agile and cost-effective.

Because we are a small firm, we’re also responsive, flexible and agile. We adapt as your needs change, with a speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that larger firms just can’t match. We’re happy to stake our reputation on it! We employ a small core staff of senior-level consultants, and draw from our pool of subject matter experts when their expertise can help us serve you better. The result? A highly nimble, more efficient approach to giving you the services you need, when you need them.

We are committed to Quality.

We don’t settle for anything but the best, and neither should you when it comes to training. We’ve worked hard to find the best ways to provide our clients with affordable human resources training programs and reasonable scheduling options without sacrificing the quality of our services. Empleo Technologies has been around since 2017, a respected leader in the community and the industry. Our proudest accomplishment is the large number of long term clients who year after year put their trust in us.

We are Trusted By